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Research Project 2023

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Research Project 2023

You are cordially invited to participate in our Stress Release Research project, conducted in collaboration with the Perseus Forschungsgesellschaft and the Institute for Integrative Medicine, IKIM, at the University of Bern.

The scientific research project is designed to study the outcome of ABSR training by asking participants for feedback and comments with anonymous questionnaires before, during, at the end, and eight weeks after the course.

It presents a unique opportunity for participants to both take part in the training, benefit from it and help to research and improve it at the same time.

Inspiring, enlivening, hands-on!

ABSR (Awareness-Based Stress Release) offers a holistic approach that goes beyond ancient movement traditions. It provides a structured foundation for self-management and stress release that encourages exploration and freedom. .

Through short, active sequences, you learn to slow down, connect with yourself, find balance, and make sense of your daily routines and rituals. You develop:

Reliable Memory
Well being and Resilience
Self confidence
Self awareness and flexibility
Self assertiveness
Decision making with heart
Clear and sound boundaries.

ABSR activates the wisdom and vitality of the body and fosters sensitive perception and conscious reflection. ABSR courses serve as inspiring and empowering resources for individuals dealing with stress.

Become a research participant

Feel free to explore our pages and consider enrolling in the program. Our international team of certified course leaders, therapists, artists and scientists would be delighted to have you join us. Welcome on board!

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ABSR Stress Release
Research Project 2023

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