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Join our eight-week online courses featuring Rudolf Steiner's daily exercises to combat nervousness, paired with enjoyable eurythmy sessions.

You will explore seven practical exercises that can bring miraculous benefits:

  • Refraining from criticism
  • Practicing decision-making
  • Refraining from indulging in small wishes
  • Self-observation and habit-changing
  • Thinking in reverse order
  • Changing handwriting
  • Misplacing objects

Eurythmy is a mindful movement practice that focuses on the relationship between outer movement and inner experience, fostering subtlety and deepening the breath.

We aim to demonstrate that combining these practical exercises with eurythmy can significantly reduce stress levels, promote joy in life, and even help overcome cancer-related fatigue.

Guaranteed to be super easy and fun!  Participation in the course on cancer-related exhaustion is free of charge. 

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Kursthumbnails cancer 2Cancer-related Exhaustion
Everyday Exercises and Eurythmy Therapy

Saturday 30 September to 25 November 2023
11 am BST / 12 am CET / 6 pm CST / 8 pm AEST
Find the time in your time zone here

 Participation free of charge 

Cancer is a physical, mental and spiritual challenge.

Cancer has a profound impact on your entire being, causing pain and upheaval in your life. However, we can learn to overcome our hesitations and openly confront cancer. Forces of destruction and death can find their balance through imagination, creativity and enthusiasm. 

Universität Bern IKIM 2048x2048 transparentThe course is part of a research project. We will send an anonymous questionnaire at the beginning, in the middle, at the end and eight weeks after the course to ask about your level of stress and exhaustion. The questions are simple and do not take long to complete. With your participation, you contribute to the further research of the effects of these exercises and making them known to the public.

By registering, you confirm that you are currently undergoing cancer treatment or have been diagnosed with cancer within the last five years. You are ready to participate in 9 live sessions, do 15 minutes of exercises daily and complete four questionnaires during and after the course. 

Free attendance: Since cancer and cancer-related exhaustion are a great burden in themselves, we do not want to charge a participation fee for this course. Those who would like to support the research project and donate are welcome to do so. Donate 

Yes, I sign-up for the course
Participation is free of charge

Please only register
if you have had a cancer diagnosis in the last five years,
and if you are willing to fill out a questionnaire four times.

Kursthumbnails cancer 2


How does the course against cancer-related exhaustion work?

We meet from 30 September to 25 November 2023 on Saturdays from 11 am to 12 am BST. You will receive the link to the meetings by email. Just click on it and you are in the meeting. The day before the course starts, we do a trial run, then you are sure that everything works. If you miss a meeting, you get the recording like everyone else. You can watch everything again afterwards and stay connected.

The eurythmy exercises are easy and don't take long. If you get tired, you can continue sitting. They get their special power to relieve cancer-related exhaustion through small additional exercises that we incorporate into everyday life. For example, We hide something from ourselves, change our handwriting, think things the other way round, humorously change a few habits, etc. Every week it's a different little something.

In the meetings we take time to talk to each other and share our experiences. During the week you practise maybe 10 to 15 minutes a day, but only as much as your strength allows. You will be amazed at the effect such small things can have on regaining your inner elasticity and strength.

It feels good to be on the road together.

2022-11-06 Breathing out again - Eurythmy Therapy for Cancer

Kursthumbnails mothersStress Relief for Working Mothers!!!
Simple exercises to recharge yourself

Arpineh Melikyan

Friday 29 September -  24 November 2023
from 10.00 am to 11.00 am CET (Time zones)

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Are you a working Mom trying to balance work and family?

  1. Making efforts to find a balance between your professional responsibilities and family life?
  2. You often worry about spending enough quality time with your children, managing household chores, and being present for important family events while meeting the demands of your job.
  3. You may worry about finding trustworthy caregivers or daycare centers, ensuring your child's well-being, and dealing with the associated costs.
  4. Experiencing guilt and self-doubt? As a normal working mom you often experience guilt about not being able to devote as much time as you would like to your children. You may question your choices and worry if you are providing enough love, attention, and support for your children.
  5. Juggling multiple responsibilities lead you to stress and feelings of being overwhelmed.You often worry about managing your time effectively, meeting deadlines, and handling the pressure from both work and home.
  6. Keeping financial stability and providing for your family's needs is another common concern for you. You worry about the costs associated with raising children, such as education, healthcare, and extracurricular activities.
  7. Finding a seamless integration of work and personal life can be challenging. As a working mom you may worry about work encroaching on your personal time and vice versa. Achieving a healthy work-life balance is an ongoing concern for many.

Does any of these points apply to you? It's important to recognize that while these concerns exist, many working moms successfully navigate these challenges and find fulfillment in both their professional and personal lives with the help of ABSR.

ABSR is a strong tool to help you in all these stressful situations. It is a conscious mind and body awareness course. It involves being fully present in our bodies and cultivating an understanding of how our bodies function, feel, and respond to various stimuli. It encompasses the mind-body connection, recognizing that our thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations are interconnected and influence one another.

This seminar is part of a scientific study by IKIM (Institute of Complementary and Integrated Medicine), part of the university system of Bern, Switzerland, in order to measure the effect of eurythmy on the human being. Participants will be asked to record their experience in short surveys, after taking time to reflect on the work they've completed.

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Intro Pic -Business people

Kursthumbnails couplesHow to reduce stress in (challenging) relationships...
with romantic partners, family members, friends and professional colleagues.

Maja Ribar

Sunday, 22 October - Sunday, 17 December 2023
7 pm CET (Berlin) 6 pm BST (London)
1pm EDT (New York), 10 am PST (San Francisco)
Check your time zone here

Maja Ribar

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another
(Proverbs 27:17)

Relationships play a significant role in our lives. When they are healthy, they bring us joy, protection, and overall well-being. However, the daily stresses we face can impact how we interact with others, including our romantic partners, family members, or colleagues.

At times, challenging relationships can lead to discomfort and suffering, becoming a source of stress themselves. So, how can we effectively deal with this?

I'm delighted to introduce the ABSR (Activity-Based Stress Release) course, designed to bring a ray of sunshine into these times of crisis. Join us to discover practical tools and techniques that will help you navigate and improve your relationships while reducing stress.

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Kursthumbnails teacher female 02Stress Reduction for Waldorf Teachers
Simple Exercises to Recharge Your Etheric

Elizabeth Uppenbrink

Saturday 30 Sept. - 18 Nov. 2023
5 pm PDT / 8 pm EDT
which is 
Sunday 1 Oct. - 19
Nov. 2023
8 am CST / 10 am AEST
Check your time zone here

Unlocking Anthroposophy: Eurythmy for Educators

Elizabeth Uppenbrink

You've added teaching colleagues to your staff this year who love the children and are enthusiastic teachers, but are new to Waldorf education?

Offer them a way into anthroposophy and the world of eurythmy with our new, online, eurythmy ABSR (activity-based stress release) course. Your new teachers can learn about the practical application of Anthroposophie and eurythmy through doing, by working with simple, short exercises that lead them from one aspect of the body to the next.

As Rudolf Steiner promises, they will be able to feel and experience the effects of this. Their newly won self-management may also have a positive effect on their presence in the classroom.

Parents and all those interested in education are also cordially invited to experience the secret behind the practical and eurythmy exercises and to make them fruitful for education.

Register now: Seductive price drop for research participants!

The course, which originally cost $245, now offers a symbolic price of $30 for research participants, making it an attractive opportunity for individual participants. Furthermore, educational institutions have the option to extend this benefit to multiple colleagues, with a group rate of $500.

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2022 ABSR-Modul 4 Tauziehende Kinder

Kursthumbnails GeschäftsleuteStress Relief for Business People and Companies                                                     
Everyday and eurythmic exercises to  recharge yourself!

Arpineh Melikyan

Monday 2 October to 27 November 2023
from 10:00 am to 11:00 am CET (Time zones)Other times for company groups on demand




Ease yourself from the stress of the business world and

re-gain control again

  • Are you living in a fast-paced and digitally connected world in which maintaining mental clarity and nurturing inner happiness has become increasingly important? 
  • Are you caught up in demanding schedules, long work hours, and sedentary lifestyles, which often lead to neglecting your physical and mental well-being?
  •  Are you so much under stress that you've nearly decided to quit everything and start anew?

An exciting journey called ABSR (Awareness-based Stress Release) for employees of Business world is just in time to help you.

Pricing and Sign-up

We expect a diverse and impressive group of participants to attend this training, which will create a fantastic chance for networking and engaging in meaningful discussions about how to handle stress and high-pressure situations

  • If you are attending of your own initiative, just sign-up and we will take care for the rest. You can be assured, that your registration is backed by a risk-free guarantee; if you find it unsuitable and wish to discontinue, we will promptly refund your seminar fee of 225 euros. If you need a discount, let us know .
  • Companies are eligible for a group price, which will be negotiated based on the number of participants they have. To initiate the negotiation process, kindly get in touch with us.
  • Customized scheduling options for companies. We can coordinate company sessions at times that suit your schedule better. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss the details.

We look forward to hearing from you at 

How do we proceed?

Each week we have one zoom (from 45 to 60 minutes) live during which we delve into a new topic, discuss the previous one and have a short Eurythmy session. Throughout the week we engage in one of the seven Stress Release exercises given by Rudolph Steiner which you can simply integrate into your daily office life in order to deal with your seven types of nervousness. 

These activities can be easily incorporated in any environment. The instructional videos will be sent to you via e-mail. It is really important that you engage in these exercises as they facilitate the transformation of stress into a challenge and you successfully cope with it. This eliminates negative stress from your life.

Eurythmy awakens vital forces in you and strengthens you inwardly. Thus you find a way to yourself.You will learn how to deal with stressors in a playful and relaxed manner and reflect on yourself.


Your mental and emotional states are positively impacted through a sequence of everyday exercises which are combined with Eurythmy exercises. By tuning into your bodies, you can better recognize and manage your emotions and stress levels. This awareness also enables you to identify and address the sources of tension, anxiety, or discomfort, leading to improved mental clarity, emotional resilience, and a greater sense of calm and balance. All this will help you to enhance better communication and relationships within your staff and team.


This seminar is part of a scientific study by IKIM (Institute of Complementary and Integrated Medicine), part of the university system of Bern, Switzerland, in order to measure the effect of ABSR on stress release. With their registration, participants agree to record their state of well-being and stress levels in short anonymous questionnaires before, in the middle of, at the end of and eight weeks after the seminar. Learn more about the research project here.

Arpineh Melikyan

Arpineh has had a 20 years experience in big and small international organizations. She knows what it means to work under pressure seeking lively joy in everyday routine office work.

Maintaining mental clarity and embracing emotional freedom amidst  the disruptions and challenges encountered within corporate hierarchies and overwhelming circumstances have been closed doors to which Arpineh has been seeking keys for many years.

Arpineh is a Certified Coach of ABSR International delivering courses both in English and Armenian. She has an MA in teaching English and Italian languages.

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Kursthumbnails Kunst und WortHealing Trauma through Word and Art

In Russian and English

Gulzaira Mamonova, practicing psychologist, art therapist
Maria Shaskolskaya, teacher, translator, psychotherapist

Sunday 1 October to 26 November 2023
from 17:00 pm to 18:30 pm CET (Time zones)



Art heals what is disturbed in a Human - L.F.K. Meis

Eurythmy will connect us with the forces of the planets - the world primeval gestures that determine world development, shape us and give us freedom to be a Creator.

Through the imaginative perception of fairy tales and visual arts corresponding to certain planets, we will explore how spiritual forces, manifested in word and colour, flow into our lives, healing them. From the difficulties and apparent chaos of our own daily life, ideas and meanings will emerge that work in the present from the future, create the image of our life and give powerful support. We begin to realize the meaning of the events of our life and life itself. We become healed.

Through the perception of past life experience, we come to the possibility of creating our future, our individual destiny, to the awakening of our infinite potential - our "I".

Info Webinar

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Kursthumbnails stressreleaseReduce Stress and Overcome Anxiety

In person introductory workshop with online follow-up course

Saturday October 14: Lincoln Avenue, Chicago
October 15 – December 2: Online eight week course

In this workshop, we will review the exercises Rudolf Steiner to overcome nervousness, pairing them with joyful eurythmy movements and simple musical explorations.

After the workshop, we invite you to embark on an eight-week journey, making Steiner’s exercises part of your life. The exercises are available online through Eurythmy4you with ongoing support from Mary and Debra.

Learn more about Debra and Mary

Prices and Sign-up

Online course
Full access after sign-up

Kursthumbnails elderlyStress Reduction with Eurythmy for People over 50
Receiving Strength for the Week

Elizabeth Uppenbrink

Thursday 28 Sept. - 16 Nov. 2023
1 pm PDT / 4 pm EST / 9 pm BST
Check your time zone here

Elizabeth Uppenbrink

Funding for the research project is secured!

Seductive price reduction for research participants!  

The course, which originally cost $245, now offers a symbolic price of $30 for research participants, making it an attractive opportunity for individual participants.

For further reduction, contact Elizabeth at



This course will focus on the needs and movement capacities of adults, as well as anyone who cares for older adults. Therapeutic eurythmy is a low-impact movement art that is easily followed and repeated. The regular ABSR course is specifically designed to energize and revitalize, without stretching people too far or wearing them out. For this course, I will ask participants about their movement difficulties before the course begins and modify movements as needed.

Elizabeth Uppenbrink has a BA in Music from the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY, and a diploma in Eurythmy from Sound Circle Eurythmy in Boulder, CO. She worked at the Fellowship Community, in Chestnut Ridge, NY, an anthroposophical intentional community focusing on the care of the older adult, for eight years.

Recent studies have demonstrated that simple movement, like walking, improves mental health and abilities in older adults. This class is being offered as part of a larger study, sponsored by the University of Bern in Switzerland, to evaluate the effectiveness of the ABSR eurythmy program in reducing stress and improving mental health. By taking this class, you will be participating in the study, and will potentially help others to receive the benefits of ABSR eurythmy for years to come, thereby improving mental health outcomes for people everywhere.

Elizabeth took this class when it was first offered and found it to markedly improve her own stress. She is now certified to teach ABSR by Eurythmy4You. She expects that, based on her experience and the experiences of other course participants, that anyone who takes this course will finish with a greater sense of equanimity and more strength to meet the world every day.

Kursthumbnails Männer mit HerzReal Men with Heart
Dissolving stress through living one's inner power

Real Men Group with Theodor Hundhammer

September 30 to November 25, 2023 
9 am BST, 10 am CET, 4 pm CST, 6 pm AEST
(Check your time zones here)

Eight Sequences for Men with Heart

Hundhammer TheodorOur journey begins on Saturday, September 30th, and concludes with a celebratory event on November 25th, 2023. Accommodating participants from different time zones will keep the spirit of the group strong and vibrant.

In the meetings we celebrate ourselves, look at men's themes and discuss an exercise that can easily be incorporated into everyday life. In small groups, we discuss issues around manhood. Above all, we support each other and together build up an energy that helps us to go through the weeks with relish. Strong, powerful, yet completely in line with our inner path. 

We certainly don't do eurythmy together, we each do it for ourselves. 5 times a week you'll receive a eurythmy video. The video is 2 minutes long, but with questions that get under the skin. And we certainly don't start with Venus like an ordinary ABSR basic course. For us it starts with Saturn: refrain from criticism, also towards ourselves!

We meet for 30, max. 45 minutes. The rest happens during the week, ten minutes day. Then ABSR and eurythmy touch exactly those levels that allow us to recognise what we need to deal with stress and to let this slowly, but surely, grow and mature within us.


Learn more


Lion Bullying

Kursthumbnails compassionate careCompassionate Care
Building Trauma Informed Capacities

Judith Mary Kutney, MEd

Saturday 30 Sept. - 25 Nov. 2023 3pm PDT (California) which is 
Sunday 1 Oct. - 26 Nov. 2023 9am AEDT (Melbourne)
Check your time zone here


Kutney Judith 1 resized cut


Traumatic experience can create unexplained psychological and physical symptoms. It often disrupts wholesome developmental coherence, triggering sensations and ideations of a nature which are both confusing and frightening.

Initially, one may block sensations from a Traumatic experience or one may feel too much all at once. Nevertheless, either response creates a shock to the nervous system.

Processing and reflecting on Traumatic events can become an experience that no longer defines one's life but can rather enhance appreciation for developmental progress and the capacity to learn, to grow, to change and to contribute to an evolving community life. Becoming a trauma-informed global citizen arises as a capacity to help in times of need: a genuine gift of attuned conscience.

Judith Kutney is an experienced Waldorf Educator, Educational Support Provider, Consultant & Advocate. She holds a Certification in Waldorf Education with a Master's Degree in Education from Antioch New England. She is a trained Eurythmist and Certified in Extra Lesson for students with Learning Differences. She has a passion for empowering families to build relationships which make a difference. Judith is currently working on a book: Revitalizing The Compassionate Heart. Forging a new imagination for healing moral distress.

Meet Judith in person and ask her as many questions as you want: Live Events

Watch Judith's presentation at the Trauma Conference 2023.

Kutney Judith Presentation page 1

Interested in seminars in other languages?

Then take a look here: German, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese.

Research project with the University of Bern

YUniversität Bern IKIM 2048x2048 transparentou are cordially invited to participate in our Stress Release Research project, conducted in collaboration with the Perseus Forschungsgesellschaft and the Institute for Complementary and Integrative Medicine, IKIM, at the University of Bern. It is designed to study the outcome of the ABSR training by asking participants for feedback and comments with anonymous questionnaires before, in the middle and after the seminar.

The research project presents a unique opportunity for participants to both take part in the training, benefit from it and help to research and improve it at the same time. You'll also get to know like-minded people. We wish you lots of joy with our thank-you gift that you will receive upon completion of the program.

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