How to reduce stress in (challenging) relationships...

...with romantic partners, family members, friends and professional colleagues.


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Eight Week Online Course

 with Maja Ribar

Sunday, October 22 - Sunday, December 17 2023 ( 8 weeks)
7 pm CET (Berlin) 6 pm BST (London)
1pm EDT (New York), 10 am PST (San Francisco)
(Time zones)


As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another
(Proverbs 27:17)

Relationships play a significant role in our lives. When they are healthy, they bring us joy, protection, and overall well-being. However, the daily stresses we face can impact how we interact with others, including our romantic partners, family members, or colleagues.

At times, challenging relationships can lead to discomfort and suffering, becoming a source of stress themselves. So, how can we effectively deal with this?

I'm delighted to introduce the ABSR (Activity-Based Stress Release) course, designed to bring a ray of sunshine into these times of crisis. Join us to discover practical tools and techniques that will help you navigate and improve your relationships while reducing stress.

Maja Ribar

Our course incorporates Eurythmy exercises carefully aligned with the weekly themes and daily routines. Eurythmy is a practice that encourages a profound connection with your body, helping you tap into your personal potential and fortify your inner strength.

Starting from October 22 to December 17, we will convene every Sunday on Zoom for a 45-minute session. In addition, you will be provided with Stress Release exercises by R. Steiner to practice throughout the week. Meeting links will be sent to you via email, and replays will be accessible for your convenience.

Prices and Sign-up

For early bookers there are drastically reduced special prices.

Suggestions and insights by Rudolf Steiner

We can all be healed through love and compassion.

  1. If you speak to a person, this means that you must continuously keep yourself awake against his endeavour to put you to sleep in your thinking.
    We can become social beings only by educating ourselves and through self-discipline.
  2. Feeling between two human beings shows a most paradoxical peculiarity.
    We must learn to know the other person more deeply, and we shall then see that we must erase falsification in the picture we have acquired of him.
  3. One person behaves in relation to another person according to how he is influenced by his special sympathy towards the person.
    Love that is manifesting itself between one person and another, should be spiritualized.

We will go together hand in hand and step by step

In this 8 week journey, we practice together, talk about our experiences, support each other and have fun.

Slowly but surely we learn the following:

  1. How to stay centered in yourself even in difficult situations
  2. Not to say negative things about others
  3. How to objectively view others in your personal relationships
  4. How to make a decision not only from your head but also from your heart
  5. How to connect and disconnect
  6. What lives between you and the surrounding
  7. How to become independent of what confronts you
  8. Gaining strength by letting go, become selfless and be able to see the truth
  9. How to break the habit of being afraid about future events

This seminar is part of a scientific study by IKIM (Institute of Complementary and Integrated Medicine), at the University of Bern, Switzerland, in order to measure the effect of eurythmy on the human being. Participants will be asked to record their experience in short surveys, after taking time to reflect on the work they've completed.

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Learn more about our Scientific Stress Research Project here

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