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Dissolving stress through living one's inner power 

Men with Heart

Real Men Group with Theodor Hundhammer

Nine Weekly Meetings
Starting on Saturday 30 September 2023

9 am BST London, 10 am CET Berlin, 
4 pm CST Shanghai, 6 pm AEST Melbourne
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Our journey begins on Saturday, September 30, and concludes with a celebratory event on November 25. In the meetings we celebrate ourselves, look at men's themes and discuss an exercise that can easily be incorporated into everyday life. In small groups, we discuss issues around manhood. Above all, we support each other and together build up an energy that helps us to go through the weeks with relish. Strong, powerful, yet completely in line with our inner path. 

We certainly don't do eurythmy together, we each do it for ourselves. 5 times a week you'll receive a eurythmy video. The video is 2 minutes long, but with questions that get under the skin. And we certainly don't start with Venus like an ordinary ABSR basic course. For us it starts with Saturn: refrain from criticism, also towards ourselves!

We meet for 30, max. 45 minutes. The rest happens during the week, ten minutes day. Then ABSR and eurythmy touch exactly those levels that allow us to recognise what we need to deal with stress and to let this slowly, but surely, grow and mature within us.

For those who can't attend the live sessions or miss one, that's no problem. All course material and the weekly practical exercises are available remotely. Teaching, sharing and discussion take place via the group chat, which becomes a source of mutual inspiration and a meeting place. The daily 2 minutes eurythmy exercise is sent by email anyway.

Embrace Your Time Zone

Embracing participants from diverse time zones will enrich the tapestry of our group, infusing it with a vibrant and resilient spirit that transcends geographical boundaries.

Discover how your specific time zone opens doors to enhancing different aspects of your life, making the most of every moment and adding value to your routine.

  1. BST (British Summer Time) and CET (Central European Time)
    In Europe, we convene at 9:00 a.m. BST (10 a.m. CET), providing a fresh and inspiring start to our Saturday. This time slot allows us to jumpstart our day with insightful discussions and personal growth, setting a positive tone for the weekend ahead.
  2. CST (Chinese Standard Time)
    This mid-afternoon slot at 1 a.m. provides a perfect opportunity to engage in insightful conversations, share experiences, and gain valuable insights to enrich your weekend activities. The relaxed afternoon setting allows you to participate without rushing and make the most of your day.
  3. AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)
    For our friends in the land Down Under, our meetings now align with your evening plans, beginning at 7:00 p.m. AEDT. It's a perfect way to cap off your Saturday, engaging in enriching discussions and connecting with fellow group members before winding down for the night. You can take the wisdom shared during the session and apply it to your weekend activities, making the most of your leisure time.
  4. EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)
    For our friends on the US East Coast, the meetings begin at 4:00 a.m. EDT. While it might be early for some, it offers a serene and quiet environment to dive deep into meaningful conversations before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. It's a chance to explore new perspectives before the sun rises, leaving you with the entire day to apply what you've learned and enjoy your weekend.
  5. PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) - 1:00 AM
    On the West Coast, our meetings commence at 1:00 a.m. PDT. Although it might seem late, it provides an ideal platform for night owls to engage in insightful discussions. You can wrap up the session and still have the rest of your weekend to relax and reflect.

This is the enchantment of ABSR: It equips you to effortlessly transform potential obstacles into remarkable opportunities to enrich your life!


Come on - let's go!

What could be better than having you with us?

Hundhammer Theodor

Theodor Hundhammer

Theodor is the founder and CEO of Eurythmy4you. He produces the videos and is responsible for the content. He has a eurythmy therapy practice in Bern and in Biel in Switzerland. For Theodor, eurythmy is a path to our inner forces. For this he develops and teaches eurythmy on skis, for example.

Theodor grew up in Bavaria near Munich. Even as a student he was an avid glider pilot and studied aircraft at the TU Braunschweig. There he built experimental gliders and graduated in the fields of gear mechanics and factory operations. In between he worked in curative education, geriatric care and trained as a kindergarten teacher.

After completing his studies of mechanical engineering, he worked for four years as a plant engineer at WALA-Heilmittel GmbH, during which time he dealt with the spiritual significance of technology for humans.

Theodor studied Eurythmy in Holland and America and Eurythmy Therapy in Pforzheim, Germany. He then founded his practice in Bern and Biel in Switzerland. In addition to his therapeutic practice, he worked for FAIRMED as a project administrator for health projects in Africa and Asia until 2011.

Ethiopia 2007 119 Theodor.jpg

Men and relationship issues have interested me for a long time. How do I become and remain myself, how do I live my strength, how do I be a man? Time and again I have also dealt with this in a practical way. For example, in this way:

  • Men's group 1986-1990 in Braunschweig
  • Men's training with Günther Neuses, Shima Institute, 2017
  • Men's training with Michèle Berger, Wellness Flow 2019

Now I am happy to share my experiences with you to discover humour, serenity, generosity and mindfulness as elements of masculinity and joy in life. Over the course of the eight weeks we will learn to unfold them more and more.


Newsletter from 27 September 2023

Men with Heart

Universität Bern IKIM 2048x2048 transparentThe course is part of a research project. With your participation, you contribute to researching the effect of these exercises and making them known to the public. We will send an anonymous questionnaire at the beginning, in the middle, at the end and eight weeks after the course to ask about your level of stress and exhaustion. The questions are simple and do not take long to complete. More...

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