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Research Project 2023

ABSR Research by the University of Bern

Universität Bern IKIM 2048x2048 transparentAt the Institute of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, IKIM, of the University of Bern, Prof. Ursula Wolf and her group have already been working for several years with Theodor Hundhammer and Eurythmy4you both clinically and in research.

In order for the ABSR courses to be further developed according to the needs of the participants, we depend on feedback. Therefore, we would like to ask for your impressions, feedback and comments with a questionnaire. Participation is of course voluntary and the questionnaires are anonymous, i.e. we will not be able to know who filled them out.

Prof Ursula WolfEurythmy4you sends the link to the questionnaires by email four times throughout the time period of the course. Filling out the questionnaires takes 10-15 minutes each time. For a meaningful evaluation the higher the number of completed questionnaires the better, i.e. the contribution of each participant matters.

We, Prof. Dr. med. Ursula Wolf (Director of the IKIM, see photo), Dr. Eliane Timm, and the doctoral medical student Yobina Ko will be grateful if you decide to participate and we thank you very much.

Information for colleagues and sponsors

Who conducts the research

What research results do we want to achieve?

  • Primary outcome:
    • What are the changes in the stress levels before and after the ABSR course, assessed by questionnaires.
  • Secondary outcomes:
    • How do participants rate their satisfaction with the ABSR course?
    • Is the primary outcome influenced by the perceived performance of the course instructors?
    • Is the primary outcome of the course influenced by the participant’s acquaintance or relationship with anthroposophy and/or eurythmy??
    • Is there a gender difference in the outcomes?


  • People affected by stress, e.g.:
    • People who generally need stress relief and personal empowerment
    • Persons with a high stress level at their work place
    • Health care personnel
    • Clients of psychologists
    • Teachers and Social Therapists
    • Parents.
  • As the aim of the study is to investigate specific outcomes, we kindly request that individuals who are currently experiencing severe psychiatric disorders refrain from participating in the study. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


  • The survey will include about ten ABSR courses in different languages, led by qualified ABSR group leaders.
  • Most groups use the course materials and videos translated into their own language.
  • Some groups use the English course materials and videos but meet and communicate in their mother tongue.
  • The groups will be displayed soon.

Previous research

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ABSR Stress Release
Research Project 2023

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