Certified ABSR Coaches

Ann Marie Finch

Hertfordshire, UK

Ann Marie is a certified ABSR coach. She is also trained in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology with advanced skills in Psychosynthesis psychotherapy and is an internationally registered Bach Flower Remedy practitioner. She has worked in a Waldorf School as a Play Leader, later training as a Kindergarten teacher with a foundation degree in Steiner Waldorf Early Years Care and Education and a BA honours degree in Early Childhood Studies.

Ann Marie currently works part-time, with a family in London as a Steiner Waldorf Nanny, while developing a private practise at home, offering Bach Flower Remedies and Coaching for children, parents and adults. She is passionate about supporting others development in a balanced way and looking forward to offering the ABSR course/exercises to groups or individuals in the near future.

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Anne Marie Finch
Dawn Zabala


Mabuhay! Dia dhuit! My name is Dawn as I was born 3:55am!

I am a Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher & Trainer for half of my current existence here in this incarnation phase. I am very thankful to have done Eurythmy since 1998 and now feel so refreshed and ever so thankful to all of you at Eurythmy4you in making it more accessible to more people. We need this to prepare all members of our being for the tasks ahead and in store for humanity. If you are interested in doing a course with Dawn, get in touch with her.

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Dawn Zabala
Elizabeth Uppenbrink

New York, United States

Elizabeth Uppenbrink is a certified ABSR coach. She is a Eurythmist and introduces ABSR to Indian Waldorf teachers. If you are interested in doing a course with Elizabeth, get in touch with her.

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Elizabeth Uppenbrink
Gwee Pei Yen (Esther)

Johor, Malaysia

Esther is a Eurythmist and also a certified ABSR coach. Even though, she hold a Bachelor degree in Finance and Investment, but she was also interest and attended various spiritual and Anthroposophical courses since 2009.

Esther is currently teaching eurythmy in a Waldorf school. Her passion is to share the beauty of eurythmy to the people. She is teaching and promoting Waldorf education and activities into government schools since 2017 in Malaysia.

If you are interested in doing a course with Esther, get in touch with her.

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Pei Yen (Esther) Gwee
Judith Kutney M.Ed.

Greater Bay Area ~ Northern California ~ USA

Judith Kutney is a certified ABSR coach. She is also an experienced Waldorf Educator, Educational Support Consultant & Advocate: K-12. She holds a Certification in Waldorf Education with a Master's Degree in Education from Antioch New England. She is a trained Eurythmist with Diploma awarded by the Goetheanum and Certified in Extra Lesson for students with Learning Differences.

Judith also conducts evidence-based Educational Screenings for Targeting Effective Interventions: Math, Writing, Reading Fluency and Comprehension, while specializing in providing guidance and/or services for students with Gifted Learning Profiles, including: Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia. She has a passion for empowering families to build relationships which make a difference.

If you are interested in doing a course with Judith, please get in touch with her.

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Judith Kutney1
Gwee Pei Xuan (Mikan)

Johor, Malaysia

Mikan is a certified ABSR coach. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree and has attended various Anthroposophical courses.

Mikan is currently a second-year student in the three-year intensive program for Waldorf Learning Support Teachers, where she is learning to master movements, drawings and paintings, as well as developing the ability to observe, assess and determine the best supports for her students.

Mikan is interested in and dedicated to holistic education and personal growth. Since 2016, she has established ILC Waldorf Inspired Education and Consultancy in Malaysia to promote Waldorf education and activities into government schools. If you are interested in doing a course with Mikan, please feel free to contact her.

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Pei Xuan (Mikan) Gwee