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The individual ABSR courses

Do you want to do an ABSR course for yourself or together with your friends? Then our individual courses are just right for you. They have the same structure as the group courses and the same content. You can start the automatic course, where you are lovingly guided through the course with emails, or you can decide for yourself when you do what.

  1. If you prefer to do the course for yourself or with friends, buy the basic ABSR 1 course for € 175.- (reduced € 125.-).
  2. The follow-up course ABSR 2 goes through the modules in reverse order with new eurythmy sequences. If you have bought the ABSR-1 course, you can get it € 75.- (reduced € 50.-).
  3. Is a course too expensive for you? No problem! Choose the Pay-What-You-Can price and in return help us publicize the courses. .

Have a look at the courses. Just click on the picture and you will come to the course.

ABSR 1 Stress Release - Basic Course

Seven sequences with everyday exercises and eurythmy.

Against inner stress, caused by:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Jumpiness and anxiety
  • Self-doubt and over-anxiousness
  • Restlessness and loss of control
  • Dependencies
  • Compulsions and indecision
  • Being hunted by thoughts

The course handout with all texts and exercise descriptions can be downloaded free of charge in the introduction module of the course.

175.-/125.- Euro

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ABSR 2 Stress Release - Follow-up Course

For more joy in everyday life, even in everyday things.

  • the same content in reverse order,
  • with new eurythmy sequences of level 2,
  • with eurythmy double sequences of levels 1 and 2 for an even more intensive experience of the eurythmy processes.

If you go through the everyday exercises in reverse order, you will experience the course and yourself anew. You may see yourself with different eyes and develop even more security and calm in what you have already learned.

75.-/50.- Euro for ABSR-1 participants

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Research on the ABSR courses

The Institute for Integrative and Complementary Medicine IKIM at the University of Bern has already carried out three evaluations of the ABSR courses on stress management. The Perseus Research Society conducts its own research on ABSR courses and HSP courses for high sensitivity. ABSR courses are also being researched at universities in Zaporizhshia and Dnipro (UKR).

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