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Unlock personal growth through our eight-week online seminars, delving into daily practices designed to conquer nervousness. Discover seven transformative exercises that can yield miraculous benefits.

From week to week you will learn about seven different stress factors that trigger blockages or chains of blockages and thus cause stress. But for each of these stress factors, there is a simple practical exercise that counteracts them and, in combination, has an immediate beneficial and liberating effect.

Combining these practical exercises with the graceful art of eurythmy movement fosters a transformative experience centred on the connection between outward movement and inner sensations, nurturing subtlety and enhancing one's breathing. Experience the powerful synergy between these exercises and eurythmy, resulting in notable stress reduction and a heightened sense of life satisfaction.

Our certified course leaders will be happy to welcome you and guide you carefully through the course. Participation is promised to be easy and delightful! 

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Stress Reduction with Eurythmy
Receiving Strength for the Week

with Elizabeth Uppenbrink, musician and eurythmist

Thursday, 01 February to 21 March 2024
1 pm PDT / 4 pm EST / 9 pm BST
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This course is going to be a combination of ABSR 1&2. Newcomers are welcome!

Elizabeth Uppenbrink

Course Material ABSR1+2

This course is going to be a combination of ABSR 1&2.  If you are a newcomer, please get in touch with Elizabeth at elizupp@gmail.com if you have questions. You will get an email with a little bit of a course description anyway a few days before the begin of the course.

This course will focus on the needs and movement capacities of adults, as well as anyone who cares for older adults. Therapeutic eurythmy is a low-impact movement art that is easily followed and repeated. The regular ABSR course is specifically designed to energize and revitalize, without stretching people too far or wearing them out. For this course, I will ask participants about their movement difficulties before the course begins and modify movements as needed.

Recent studies have demonstrated that simple movement, like walking, improves mental health and abilities in older adults. This class is being offered as part of a larger study, sponsored by the University of Bern in Switzerland, to evaluate the effectiveness of the ABSR eurythmy program in reducing stress and improving mental health. By taking this class, you will be participating in the study, and will potentially help others to receive the benefits of ABSR eurythmy for years to come, thereby improving mental health outcomes for people everywhere.

Elizabeth took this class when it was first offered and found it to markedly improve her own stress. She is now certified to teach ABSR by Eurythmy4you. She expects that, based on her experience and the experiences of other course participants, that anyone who takes this course will finish with a greater sense of equanimity and more strength to meet the world every day.


  • For ABSR23 Research participants: 75 Euro / reduced 60. 
  • For newcomers: 75 Euro / reduced 60 + 40 Euro for course materials.

PayPal ID is @translateupp. Please email Elizabeth if you need a price reduction or another method of payment: elizupp@gmail.com. 

After paying via PayPal, contact Elizabeth to register and access the course materials.

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Kursthumbnails Kunst und WortMoving Fairy-tales with ABSR

In English with consecutive translation into Russian

with Yvonne Klop, anthroposophic play therapist and supervisor

Saturday, 24 February to 20 April 2024
10 am PDT / 1 pm EST / 7 pm CET / 9 pm MSK
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This course is going to be a combination of ABSR 1&2. Newcomers are welcome!

This week you can join in for only 50€!

Yvonne Klop

Course material ABSR3

Prices and Sign-up

In the course we will repeat our ABSR exercises, adding new eurythmic exercises, planetary movements, and R. Steiner's explanation of the Self and nervousness.
The weekly meetings at Zoom will be a kind of a workshop:

  • We will do meditation of the health together.
  • Then we will gather in small groups. Each group has its own focus. "How did your week go?" "Did you find connections between the different exercises?" "What conclusions did you draw from the fairy-tale?" "How did it help you in your drawing?"
  • We will listen to some insights from each group in a large group setting.
  • By the way, I am also one of the participants, and I will try to prepare a little inspiring presentation for each week. I'll look in my toy collection and find one that will help me make a little magic.
  • If we will have time, we will read a piece of Rudolf Steiner's lecture together.
  • We will talk about the new week, the next fairy-tale.
  • During the week we will have a forum to stay in contact with each other.

Please let me know if there is anything you would like us to see or hear during our ABSR course: yvonneklop@speltherapie-meppel.nl

Yvonne Klop

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Yvonne Moving toys

Kursthumbnails wholesome

Awaken your Femininity
In Russian with consecutive translation into English

with Gulzaira Mamonova, practising psychologist, art therapist

Saturday, 02 March to 27 April 2024
7 am PDT / 10 am EST / 3 pm BST / 4 pm CET 
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Closed group - an open group for anyone interested is planned for autumn 2024

Registration for the autumn

"In woman lies a marvelous, great mystery, the great enigma of life, the source of all joys and all worries"
Arne Garborg

Can we fathom this mystery that lives within ourselves? The mystery that Goethe called the "Eternal Femininity" - the power of Love that creates life itself and governs the eternally masculine.

The prototype of the "Eternal Femininity" is the Madonna.

In fact, there are 2 Images of the Madonna; the first represents Love and great sacrifice, the purifying power of the earth, the other is the Queen of Heaven, the Beautiful Lady, who was sung by Francesco Petraka and Alexander Blok....

Each of us carries a certain female image, which unfolds in our destiny. A woman who carries only the 1st Image, carries all the sorrow of the earthly world, which is manifested by suffering in her life. A woman carrying the 2nd Image lives in an idealized world with little connection to reality, which also leads to suffering. Only by uniting the two images, the Heavenly and the Earthly Madonna, we can come out of the shackles of suffering, unchain our mental torpor so that we can create our lives and the world around us with the power of the Love that lives in us.
We will look at how the Eternal Femininity enters the world and manifests itself in a specific female individuality: from Isis and Athena, from Madonnas to the great women who most vividly carried a certain planetary principle - Joan of Arc, the Russian actress P.A. Strepetova, the dancer Josephine Baker, the virgin queen Elizabeth Tudor and others.

We are gladly waiting for you to go through the path of metamorphosis together in the social space of ABSR and manifest the Eternal Femininity in your specific individuality.

This course is going to be a combination of ABSR 1&2. Newcomers are welcome!

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Gulzaira Venus

Kursthumbnails couples

How to reduce stress in (challenging) relationships

with romantic partners, family members, friends and professional colleagues.

with Dr. med. Maja Ribar, training in Anthroposophic Medicine and Psychotherapy

Tuesday, 12 March - 7 May 2024

5:30 pm CET (Berlin) 4:30 pm BST (London)
11:30 am EDT (New York), 8:30 am PST (San Francisco)
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ABSR2 Follow-up Course
Tuesday, 12 March - 7 May 2024
7:00 pm CET (Berlin) 6:00 pm BST (London)
1:00 pm EDT (New York), 10:00 am PST (San Francisco)
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Maja Ribar

Prices and Sign-up ABSR1

Prices and Sign-up ABSR2


As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another
(Proverbs 27:17)

Relationships play a significant role in our lives. When they are healthy, they bring us joy, protection, and overall well-being. However, the daily stresses we face can impact how we interact with others, including our romantic partners, family members, or colleagues.

At times, challenging relationships can lead to discomfort and suffering, becoming a source of stress themselves. So, how can we effectively deal with this?

I'm delighted to introduce the ABSR (Activity-Based Stress Release) course, designed to bring a ray of sunshine into these times of crisis. Join us to discover practical tools and techniques that will help you navigate and improve your relationships while reducing stress.

Course Material ABSR1

Course Material ABSR2 


Maja tells you about her participation in the ABSR research project 2023.

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