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Dear Waldorf schools, kindergartens, associations and trainings,

Eurythmy4you is a online teaching platform that has been enthusiastically providing stress release and eurythmy classes since 2017. We have many highly satisfied participants across the globe, and we've collected anecdotal evidence from our students that our classes help them immensely in many aspects of their life.

We're happy to announce that we have an exciting opportunity to participate in a large study of our work. Eurythmy4you and the University of Bern are conducting a research project on stress release and burnout prevention. We are looking for participants from different professional groups and also offer groups for Waldorf school and kindergarten teachers.

The method which we call ABSR – Activity-based Stress Release – is based on Rudolf Steiner's exercises from the lecture "Nervous conditions in our time" to overcome stress. ABSR serves to prevent burnout, to help you become more resilient, and as an aid to recognising and meeting the needs of today’s children.

ABSR classes can be attended as continuing education and can also serve as an introduction for newcomers to anthroposophy. The classes last eight weeks with meetings at weekends or by appointment. The exercises can be incorporated into everyday life; the eurythmy that reinforces them takes 10 to 15 minutes a day.

The classes are offered in English, German, Spanish, Finish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Russian. and Chinese. They will be evaluated by the Institute for Complementary and Integrated Medicine, IKIM, of the University of Bern, Switzerland.

We are trying to attract sponsors so that the seminars can be attended free of charge. Should we not succeed in doing so, we may have to ask for a contribution, which looks something like the following: 1000/500 Euro for all teachers and staff or 200/100 Euro for individuals.

Would you please distribute the enclosed flyer to your colleagues or put it up on your notice board? We are very grateful for your help!

Please consider to what extent you would like to participate in this research project, we will contact you again after the holidays to let you know about our success in finding sponsors.

For more information about the project, info webinars and target groups, please visit