Reduce Stress and Overcome Anxiety

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In Person...

Saturday October 14
10A - 12P and 1 - 3P
Rudolf Steiner Branch 4249 N.
Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618

...Followed by Online Eight week Course

October 15 – December 2


In this workshop, we will review the exercises Rudolf Steiner presented in Munich on January 11, 1912 (published in GA143) to overcome nervousness, pairing them with joyful eurythmy movements and simple musical explorations. This lecture is available online at the Rudolf Steiner Archive here.

After the workshop, we invite you to embark on an eight-week journey, making Steiner’s exercises part of your life. The exercises are available online through Eurythmy4you with ongoing support from Mary and Debra. We recommend you take the guided walk through the course. It is lovingly designed and a wonderful opportunity to consciously and quietly go through all the elements. One progresses from week to week, viewing only the current module concentrating wonderfully on the essentials. You are completely in the present and in the flow. You are active and can let go at the same time. And breathe.

The ultimate purpose is to bring joy in life, even in everyday things.