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This course consists of seven sequences against inner stress, caused by

  1. Forgetfulness
  2. Jumpiness and anxiety
  3. Self-doubt and over-anxiousness
  4. Restlessness and loss of control
  5. Dependencies
  6. Compulsions and indecision
  7. Being hunted by thoughts

These sequences are based on the lecture "Nervous conditions in our time" by Rudolf Steiner.

  • In the first three sequences you find a connection to your inner life, to that which exists, to memory.
  • In the fourth sequence you strengthen the force of your I by paying attention to your behaviour and your habits
  • In the last three sequences you activate your personal development potential. You influence your relationship to wishes, make decisions from the heart and validate others.

The exercises that can be practised in everyday life, along with supporting eurythmy exercises.