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Eurythmy Venus

7 Venus - Margalit Laufer

VENUS : the human being in the aspect of loving sacrifice

Then in progressing to the movement for Venus, the right arm is lowered to the level of the breast, the hand held open, slightly cupped, receiving, and what is taken in is moved through the heart into the left arm circulating behind (as it does with the Sun movement), transforming all that is heard by the listening hand.

Rudolf Steiner describes Venus as selflessly and silently listening, especially to all that the poet experiences, and in this silent attentive listening, helping to transform all the impressions to word, imaginative, potent and evocative.

In the eurythmic movement for Venus one is as a vessel receiving what is given, and then in moving this through the heart one transforms it in the unseen world behind, to pass it then yet again through the heart and out though the open arm and hand in selfless giving, loving sacrifice.

The inner and outer conjunctions of Venus with the Sun occur 5 times in 8 years, describing a rose form around the earth in time. The organ in the body which is especially related to Venus is the kidney and within these organs are small vessels shaped like roses and are in German medical terminology called ‘Rosen’.