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The visual misplacement exercise

Pascale explains the visual misplacement exercise.

Forming soil

This week, you will learn to work with the laws of memory formation and to strengthen your power of memory significantly and successfully. To do this, we practice placing an object in an unfamiliar place and finding it again when needed.


  • Consciously place a frequently used object in an unusual place.
  • Note the place and the placement of the object.
  • Impress this image in your mind’s eye.
  • Consciously let go and go away.
  • When needed, remind yourself of the place and fetch the object.
  • Have fun doing this exercise.


  • Try the exercise with an object that you regularly use, such as a tube of toothpaste. You can place it in a new place every day. Your keys for example, you can even hide on yourself in different pockets.
  • Start with unimportant objects not with your glasses or medicaments!
  • Hide them at places you frequently visit.
  • Take some time in the evening to look back on the exercise. If you forgot to do it, no worries. But consciously decide if you will or will not do it on the next day.
  • If at first you do not succeed, then try, try and try again!
  • Remember: the most important aspect of this exercise is to create an inner picture of the surroundings of the object. And then to let go.


  • The first step is to consciously capture the thought that you have put the object in a particular spot.
  • The second step is to form a clear picture in your mind of all the surroundings. Take your time to absorb all the details that come to your senses, including sounds, temperatures, angles, colours. Go into every detail as much as possible, also of the object itself (is it lying, at what angle, et cetera).
  • When you have practiced this a few times, try it again but this time observe all the details in a flash! Give yourself only three to five very intense seconds, and then walk away as relaxed as possible.


  • Feeling the joy, the wonder, the relief and the gratitude that comes when you find and take the object up again, strengthens your memory in the long run.
  • If you make from this process a habit, you work with the laws of memory formation and strengthen your memory power significantly.
  • You learn to be immersed in an action. Then to be able to leave it to your unconscious. Doing so you strengthen your will and increase your ability to access the memory when needed without stress.