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The eurythmy exercises are related to the content and development of the weekly theme and the everyday exercise.

With the help of the videos you can become acquainted with the exercises. Later it is helpful for you to do the exercises from memory or with the help of the exercise list. We recommend that you practice the everyday exercise alongside the eurythmy exercises for one or two weeks before changing to to the next sequence.

Consciously telling oneself "I have done the exercise," on completing the everyday exercise, intensifies its effectiveness.

Eurythmy instructions

Eurythmy strengthens your body awareness and leads you into a dialogue with the body. In becoming aware of the resonance between and after the exercises you learn to pay attention to the life forces. The life-body is given space, the life-forces are strengthened and you connect yourself with your personal potential.

Take time after every exercise to to take a rest and to perceive the aftereffects in your body and in your feelings.If you rest properly for five or ten minutes after every sequence, you give your body time to integrate the exercises so that they can be properly digested when you sleep at night.

As everywhere in life, such as when engaging in sport or working, it is important to vary and avoid overdoing things. If you notice that the exercises have a positive effect and you wish to do them regularly, we recommend that to do so with care and that you do not neglect other exercises and activities.

Should you have questions or for further interest you will find links to eurythmists and eurythmy therapists who will be willing to help you on our links page. Should you have a therapeutic need we advise you to contact a doctor or eurythmy therapist.

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